Naked Japanese Body Painting

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The United Nations listed the Bengal Tiger at the top of the endangered species list in 2010. Completed just in time to celebrate the begin of the Chinese New Year on February 14th, Craig Tracy undertook  a breath-taking masterpiece combining human and canvas to depict a larger-than-life portrait of a Bengal Tiger.

Artist Craig Tracy created “The Last South China Tiger” from airbrush paints and three naked, Japanese, female models. Tracy’s masterpiece was done to raise money for funds to protect the Bengal Tiger and save the species from extinction.

Glycee Prints of the “Last South China Tiger” are available through Save China’s Tigers online store. Proceeds go towards saving China’s Bengal Tigers, of course, and improving what remains of their natural habitat.

Making Body Paint for Airbrush Artwork

Body paint can be purchased ready-to-use in bottles or sometimes as a powder which is mixed with water and then applied to the artist’s surface. Be sure to purchase paint that is approved for use on skin – “non-toxic” usually means that the paint’s fumes are safe to inhale but the chemicals can have a completely different effect when applied to the skin.

Airbrushing as a technique of body art works best on nude models (naked, that is), but the paint can also be sprayed on top of clothing. You don’t need to be a DaVinci in order to have fun body painting. There are stencils to use and patterns to follow if you don’t have any creative ideas of your own (or if you can’t draw in a straight line!).

There are some recipes for making body paint for airbrushes on the internet, but don’t try them with your expensive airbrush gun! The recipe’s we’ve provided in an earlier blog Naked & Painted: Do It Yourself are to be used with a standard brush or even your fingers. The particles in flour and food coloring are too large to be used with an airbrush gun. Making your own body paint for airbrush artwork isn’t recommended… although you wouldn’t break your airbrush gun, it would be clogged and messy to clean out.

Japanese Body Painting

There are many examples of body painting to be found in the internet, but some of the best works have been done on naked Japanese models. The nude Japanese figure is well-suited for body painting due to her creamy white skin and slender figure. Sometimes curvy women are required for certain paintings in certain poses, but generally a slender female body is the besta canvas to work with.

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